Agenda May 6th 2020

Previous Agendas Uploaded on February 10, 2021


Chairman: Cllr John F W Holdich OBE


Clerk: Mr J Haste, 5 St Benedicts Close, Glinton, PETERBOROUGH, PE6 7LJ

( (P) 01733 252833 –      (M) 07711070386





All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend a REMOTE meeting of Glinton Parish Council on the Zoom Platform to be held on Wednesday 6th May, 2020 at 6.30 pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.


Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and to address the parish council in the Open Forum item 3 on the agenda below. Anyone wishing to do so should contact the clerk by email at NO LATER THAN MID DAY ON THE DAY OF THE MEETING to ensure that they are able to access the meeting.


Members of the public are advised to provide written submissions of any questions or comments on matters on the agenda. This is to insure that those comments are considered at the meeting in the event that the member of the public has difficulty in accessing the meeting.







    1. Councillors to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary interests not already registered or other Interest in any items on the agenda.
    2. Consideration and granting of any dispensations submitted by members.



To allow up to 15 minutes for members of the public and Councillors declaring a prejudicial interest to address the meeting in relation to the business to be transacted at this meeting.


  1. TO SIGN & APPROVE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 18th February 2020.




  1. .PLANNING – To receiver an update on the status of planning applications still not determined at the previous meeting and, as statutory consultees, consider the following applications and other planning applications validated since the last meeting and respond as appropriate to the planning authority


  1. To receive an update on current planning applications


  1. 20/00280/HHFUL – 11a Lincoln Road – Single storey rear extension


  1. 20/00228/DISCH5 The Green – Discharge of condition C9 (Construction management plan) of planning permission 19/01132/FUL. NOTE WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT


  1. 20/00247/CTR5 The Willows – Prune 4 Ash trees. Permitted


  1. 20/00303/CLP19 Elm Crescent – Demolition of existing garage, replacement side extension on like for like footprint


  1. 20/00375/FUL24 Peakirk RoadProposed demolition of existing single storey dwelling and erection of 2 chalets bungalows


  1. 20/00354/CTR4 Welmore road – Multiple Tree work – 1 Leylandii – Reduce height by approx. 3m. T.2 Leylandii x 4 – Reduce height by approx. 3m T.3 Ash x 4 – Group of 4 Ash – 1st Ash, thin upper crown of dominant stem (twin-branched from forked union in mid-crown) overhanging garden of 4 Welmore Road and outbuilding/garage by approx 20% to reduce the ‘sail’ and branch end weight to avoid potential future failure in high wind events, and remove deadwood from throughout the remaining crown, and remove deadwood from throughout the crowns of the remaining trees within the group


  1. 20/00489/CTR8 Peakirk Road – Multiple Tree work T1 – Silver Birtch, Crown thining or removal, T2 – Yew Tree, Remove, T3 – Conifer, Remove, T4 – Silver Birch – Crown thinning/reduction, T5 and 6 – Unknown, remove, T7 and 8 – Conifers, Crown lifting, T9 – Conifers, Reduction


  1. 20/00499/FULLand to West of St Benedicts Close – Construction of 34 no. entry level affordable homes with associated infrastructure including access, sustainable drainage features, public open space with children’s play equipment and landscaping


  1. WWII seat installation and relocation update – To note the opinion of the city council and to consider the purchase of a replacement seat to be located in Welmore road.


  1. DISABLED DROPPED KERB – HOLMES ROAD – Request to consider funding (£550)


  1. PLAYING FIELD – Request for sign for dogs to be kept on leads.


  1. CEMETERY CAR PARK – Unauthorised use – item requested by Cllr. Randall


  1. REPORTS – STANDING ITEM – To note the reports of Councillors and/or clerk attending meetings as representatives of the Parish Council (if any).


  1. COVID-19 SUPPORT GROUP – Cllr. Wilde to report


  1. Governance matters
    1. To consider the Annual Governance statement in preparation for completion of the annual return. To agree the responses to each point in the Annual Governance statement or instruct the clerk on further information required. Guidance on completion of the annual Statement
    2. To consider renewal of the annual membership of CAPALC £481.88 (2019/20 £427.90 & £386.56 for 2018/19) and to decline to opt in for DPO membership (CAPALC Brochure)


  1. HIGHWAYS – Parish councillors Observations (if any)


  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – to be confirmed


  1. Matters to be held over to future meetings
    1. Update on acquisition and planting of commemorative Oak tree on the playing field.
    2. Dedication of the new war grave and WWII bench – to consider the means of progressing the detailed arrangements with the Rector. Cllr. Randall to report
  • Sgt Walker’s Headstone – Protection against strimmer Damage – progress
  • Community Centre Working Group (formerly New Village Hall WG) report (if any)


Original signed


J Haste 13th March 2020

Clerk / Responsible Finance Officer Email: