Broadband contract

Supporting Papers Uploaded on November 11, 2021

BT Broadband – Village Hall

Previous Deal
BT Business two year £57 per month Discounted to £43.99 +VAT (Superfast Enhanced and Value line)
Two-year deal came to an end and with it the discount
Offered £35.95 +VAT per month for a Standard line (line fault repair next day instead of 2 working days)

Asked for a more competitive deal and suggested a possibility of move to PlusNet
Then Offered Superfast Enhanced + Value Line £31.95 + Vat This includes full Technical Support (Current deal)
Or Superfast Essential + Value Line £25.95 + VAT per month
Lines speeds for superfast enhanced and essential are the same difference is in availability of technical support ( which we have never had the need to use).

Accepted the £25.95 +VAT deal with an option to upgrade at any time (Saving £17 per month on current deal)

John Haste
5th November 2021