Cemetery Charges effective 1st April 2023

Cemetery Fees and Charges Uploaded on October 27, 2023

Burial of Body of a person (whose age at time of death
exceeds 16 years) £460
Burial of Cremated Remains £240
Burial charges will be reduced by 50% where an exclusive right
of burial is purchased orhad previously been acquired.
Exclusive Right of Burial (ERoB) in earthen grave 3ft by 2ft –
100 yrs (cremated remains) £270
For the right to erect a headstone / monument £160
Tablet, plaque or other marker (cremated remains) £80
Small vase not exceeding 12”x8”x8” £65
Additional inscription on existing monument £65
Refund of Exclusive Right of Burial – admin fee £50
Searching of Registers of Burial (including the provision of one
copy of any entry therein for up to 1 hour) £30
Administration fee for issue of invoice if required £20
Administration fee for issue of a reminder where payment not
paid in timescale set out above £35