Metro Bank requirements

Supporting Papers Uploaded on November 8, 2022

Opening a Metro Bank 95 day Notice Business deposit Account – Not-for-profit organisations
We will need proof of identity and proof of UK address for everyone involved in opening the business account including:
• account operators: authorised signatories or nominated persons
• responsible individuals: anyone who directly or indirectly controls 25% or more of the capital or profits of the business, or 25% or more of the voting rights
• company officials: we may be required to identify a minimum of two company officials (two directors for limited companies) if there are two or more. If only one company official is appointed, we must identify them
• trustees of registered charities: two trustees (if five or more exist) OR all trustees (if four or fewer exist) – as registered with the Charity Commission
• key officials: a minimum of two key officials (where there are two or more) who have signed the Minutes of the Meeting for a club/society/association/registered charity.
Proof of identity – Show suitable ID documents
Proof of UK address – Show suitable proof of address documents
We can only accept original documents, not photocopies or printouts.
We need one of the following documents to confirm the name(s) of the business owner(s), the business’s trading name, and the business address:
• Registered charity: Minutes of the Meeting and Charity Commission number
• Registered and limited charity: Charity Commission number and company registration number
• Club/society/association: Minutes of the Meeting and constitution documents. If there are no constitution documents available, a letter on headed paper with the same information.
Constitution documents must state:
• the name of your registered charity/club/society/association
• the purpose of your registered charity/club/society/association
• the key official roles for your registered charity/club/society/association (e.g secretary, treasurer).
Minutes of the Meeting must state:
• the agreement to open an account with Metro Bank
• who has been appointed to the key official roles
• who is authorised to operate the bank account and the account signing rule.
The Minutes must be signed and dated within the last three months, by at least two key officials of the registered charity/club/society/association where there are two or more.