Village Hall report

Supporting Papers Uploaded on July 13, 2021

1. Executive summary
This document has been produced by members of the GPC Community Centre working party to
enable Glinton Parish Council to make a well balanced decision on the future of Glinton Village
Hall. The report considers all options, ranging from a brand new community centre, refurbishing
and updating the existing hall, or simply maintaining and encouraging use of the existing facilities.

This reports contains a data based analysis of Glinton’s current village hall, possible refurbishment
options, and the feasibility of constructing a new Community Centre.
Although there is a perceived need within Glinton that suggests an overwhelming requirement for
community centre (September 2020 village survey in which 187 papers were returned (27%
response) 169 in favour and 18 against, the evidence of usage (pre-COVID utilisation was 36%),
income and actual overall resident support may not indicate such a undertaking can be justified.
To extend the halls life and usability a pragmatic approach might be to accept some of the
limitations of the current building (such as car parking) mitigate others (improve access and
insulation) and invest a modest amount to carry out some long overdue improvements (internal
modifications and rearranged storage).

There is little doubt that a new Community Centre could be a tremendous village asset if evidence
indicates that demand for space exceeds existing capacity. However, need is only part of the
equation, for it to be truly successful a prerequisite should be the emergence of a strong thriving
community spirit that translates into residents willingness to volunteer in the running of the
existing hall and their involvement in the working party to create the new centre.

To confirm the recommendations of this report, and before making any decisions, GPC may wish
to conduct a comprehensive village survey focusing solely on the village hall and new Community

Cllr Gerry Kirt/Cllr Bob Randall/Gordon Wright
4 July 2021