Agenda 27th September 2022

Agendas Uploaded on September 21, 2022


All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Glinton Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 27th September, 2022 at 7.15pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.

J Haste 21st September, 2022

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and to address the parish council in the Open Forum item 3 on the agenda below.



a. Councillors to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary interests not already registered or other Interest in any items on the agenda.

b. Consideration and granting of any dispensations submitted by members.

To allow up to 15 minutes for members of the public, and Councillors declaring a prejudicial interest, to address the meeting in relation to the business to be transacted at this meeting.

4. TO SIGN & APPROVE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS held on 26th July, 2022 & 2nd August,2022


6. PLANNING – To receive an update on the status of planning applications still not determined at the previous meeting, and, as statutory consultees, consider the following applications and other planning applications validated since the last meeting and respond as appropriate to the planning authority.

a) To receive an update on current PLANNING APPLICATIONS.

b) 22/01194/CTR – 24 North Fen Road – Lime – T1 – Repollard to previous pruning points; Mountain Ash – T2 – Reduce crown by 3m and sides by 2.5m; Willow -T3 – Repollard to previous pruning points.

c) 22/01278/CTR – 23 High Street – T1 – Cedar with dieback throughout crown – fell and replace with similar size tree T2 – Large ash – deadwood and crown raise by removing lowest downward sweeping branches (below where main stem divides) T3 – Fell of sycamore growing beneath crown of ash (there are 2, the one to be felled is the one to the rear i.e. set back further from the garden, the closer one is to be retained) T4 – Fell of hawthorn in hedge along front of property T5 – Fell of beech tree growing up through crown of ash G1 – Fell of 2 large cherry laurel, holly by house and large box T6 – Crown raise of incredible huge London plane to approx. 5m, and prune back to give 2m clearance from roof and chimney stack T7 -Crown raise of sycamore by removing low growth from right hand stem (when viewed from garden looking back towards house) from around the location of a previously pruned branch (lowest branch, growing to the right) Removal of vertical growth from the pruned branch and 3 small branches growing to the right G2 – Pollard of willow and fell of 2 Lombardy poplars in poor condition within line of boundary trees.

d) 22/01302/HHFUL – 11b Welmore Road – Erection of two storey and single storey rear extensions, with porch roof to principal elevation.


a) Ashburn Close Play Area – Awaiting response on parish council offer to take ownership.

b) Climate Change Emergency – To receive an update on progress since the last meeting. Cllr Kirt to report.

c) Anglian Water Matters –
i Pipeline construction (disruption Funding).
ii Climate Change initiative – (Waterworks Lane).

d) National Grid
i Potential Site visit to Gas Compression site
ii Climate Change initiative – (Waterworks Lane).

e) Annual Awards for Excellence – Chairman to report on possible awards for excellence in Housing, provisions for enhancement or protection of the natural environment; and use of Technology.

f) Garage Sale – Chairman to report on the success of the sale held by Northborough PC and to consider a similar event.

g) Speedwatch – Cllr. Randall to report on recent exercises within the village

8. REPORTS – Standing item – To note the reports of Councillors and/or clerk attending meetings as representatives of the Parish Council (if any).
a. Nature Recovery Project – Triangle Lincoln Road – Cllr. Andy Staines to report on the outcome of a meeting on site with James Collingridge of Peterborough City Council.


a) REPLACEMENT OF SWINGS IN PLAYING FIELD – To note receipt of invoice to Peterborough City Council for swing replacement (£10619) (this is being disputed by the Clerk as Cllr Simons indicated that PCC would contribute £3k) To authorise payment of the revised invoice when received in the sum of £7619.00

b) COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY (CIL) – To consider appropriate use of CIL monies if not already decided by previous agenda items.

c) Tree Safety report – To note the report content and approve action of the report recommendations.

d) Village Hall Valuation – To note the report of Cardinus Risk Management on the reinstatement costs £379,990 & £429,990 including walling, ramps & awning. – Current insured value £418,439 affecting the insurance premium.

e) Memorial Headstone – To consider approval of the proposed headstone for the late Nicola Jane Wedgwood-Jibb

f) Parish Council Precept 2023-24 to note the city council intension to consider early in January and the implications for consideration of parish council budget

g) Metro Bank signatories – To note the current level of balances and expedite the Metro bank account

h) Operation Golden Orb – Chairman to report on publicising Parish Council participation in commemorating the Coronation in 2023.

10. OFFICIAL NOTICES AND CORRESPONDENCE (If any received prior to the meeting) –

a) Parish councillors Observations
a) Report of working party on village Facebook page
b) report of working party on Village Sign Replacement (November meeting)

13. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – next scheduled meeting Tuesday 18th October 2022

Original signed
J Haste 21st September, 2022