Agenda January 21st 2020

Previous Agendas Uploaded on February 10, 2021


Chairman: Cllr John F W Holdich OBE

 Clerk: Mr J Haste, 5 St Benedicts Close, Glinton, PETERBOROUGH, PE6 7LJ

( (P) 01733 252833 –      (M) 07711070386



 All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Glinton Parish Council at the Village Hall, High St, Glinton on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 7.15 pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.


Members of the public and press are welcome to attend the meeting and to address the parish council in the Open Forum item 3 on the agenda below.



  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr. Skinner has given advance notice of his apology for the meeting because of a prior family commitment.


    1. Councillors to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary interests not already registered or other Interest in any items on the agenda.
    2. Consideration and granting of any dispensations submitted by members.



To allow up to 15 minutes for members of the public and Councillors declaring a prejudicial interest to address the meeting in relation to the business to be transacted at this meeting.


  1. TO SIGN & APPROVE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 17th December 2019




  1. The local PCSO is unable to make this meeting but is scheduling visits to each parish council in the patch.
  2. Other matters (if any)(Information only)


  1. PLANNING – To receiver an update on the status of applications not determined at the previous meeting and, as statutory consultees, consider the following applications validated since the last meeting and respond as appropriate to the planning authority


  1. To receive an update on current planning applications


  1. 19/01831/HHFUL23 Welmore Road – Proposed first floor side extension


  1. 19/01896/CTR – Peakirk Cum Glinton Voluntary Aided Primary School – Withdrawn by applicant


  1. 20/00061/CTR – 18 Welmore road – T3,T4, T5, T6 and T7 Lombardy Poplar Trees- reduce height by 30% approx to just below previous cut line and reduce bulk/Crown reduce T3 as it is out of balance with other poplars and about to encroach on the highway
    T1 -Flowering Cherry Tree- crown/reduce to reduce bulk and density on N side nearest house and thatched roof
    Conifer hedge – reduce to 50% current height on garden side – to match cutline on South side.


  1. PLANNING APPEAL – To formally note the outcome of the planning appeal in respect of 24 Peakirk Road.


    1. To consider the nature of commemorative activities and role of Parish Council
    2. Dedication of new war grave and bench
    3. CWGC & Sgt Walker’s Headstone – Protection against strimmer Damage – Cllr. Randall to report


  1. REPORTS – STANDING ITEM – To note the reports of Councillors and/or clerk attending meetings as representatives of the Parish Council (if any).
    1. Way Wardens & Good Neighbour Scheme– report back on progress
    2. Clare Lodge Consultative group report (if any)
  2. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – To approve the publication of the final version of the plan which has been considered, and approved by, City Council Planning department, statutory bodies and Glinton residents. To resolve to recommend the plan be subject to further scrutiny with a view to formal adoption.


  1. PARKING RESTRICTIONS – HIGH STREET – To consider the amendment No. 62 order 2019 – introducing no waiting Mon-Fri 8-9am/ 2.30-3.30pm on a section of High Street in front of St Benedicts Church – observations to be made by 30th January 2020.


  1. Governance matters –
    1. Budget 2020/21 – To note the information provided by Peterborough City Council on the estimated product of a £1 charge at Band D on Glinton residents for 2020/21 and formally resolve the Budget for the next financial year and the provisional budget for ensuing 3 years.
    2. To consider CPRE affiliation at the request of Cllr. Bell
    3. To consider variation of the paid hours for the clerk as recommended by the Finance Working Group to the HR working group – Cllr. Lane to report.


    1. Email from Mr. Law, Rectory Lane urging the installation of more substantial posts in Rectory Lane
    2. Email from Judy Staines requesting tree planting on the playing field & other suitable locations
    3. Further email from Judy Staines requesting Parish Council to declare a climate change emergency and to also consider making a byelaw against sitting in a parked car with the engine running in the parish.
    4. To note the correspondence from AMVC regarding out of hours Intruder / Fire Alarm cover.
    5. To note that a Litter pick is scheduled for 25th January – all volunteers welcome.


  1. HIGHWAYS – Parish councillors Observations (if any)


  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 18th February, 2020 at. 7.15pm in the Village Hall

Original signed


J Haste 16th January 2020